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Vocational training in Quebec

Vocational training leads to a diploma of vocational studies (DEP) and opens the doors of exciting trades. These are short courses of varying duration from 600 to 1800 hours which allow you to acquire skills that you are looking for in the job market.

In addition, each program allows students to complete an internship in a company that is a first experience working in the field of training.

Most courses start in August and January but it is possible to start at other times during the year.

Admission requirements for vocational training

Level of study required

  • Québec Education System: 4e successful high school year
  • Equivalent for the French education system: Second successful year
  • Other education systems: 10 successful years of schooling


Candidates who have not completed their schooling in French must:

  • Have passed the 5 level of the francization program offered in an adult education center of a school board in Quebec


  • Get a minimum score of B2 in an official French test (TCF, TFI, TEF, DELF or TEFAQ)

Since July 1st, 2018, all candidates who have taken French courses in a private school must meet one of these two requirements.

NotesApplicants with post-graduate studies (university) in French are not subject to this requirement.

Candidates who do not meet the language requirements may have a francization program in advance of their professional training, offered at one of the four adult education centers of the CSMB. Register in Francization.

Stages of an application

Choose the vocational training program
Check the admission conditions
Send your registration, download the required documents, pay the session fees
Receive the letter of acceptance to your email address
Get your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
Apply for your Canada Study Permit and Co-op Work Permit
Prepare your arrival in Montreal (plane ticket, accommodation, etc.)
Give your arrival date to the Admissions Officer
Get an appointment with the admissions officer to finalize your file
Pay the session fees and the first tuition fee

This page will be translated into esSpanish