If you are already registered for a vocational training and want to CHANGE TRAINING, please let us know by email or call 514-765-7500, 7531 ext.
so that we can be aware of the change.

If you are already enrolled in a training program that you wish to CHANGE, please let us know by email or call 514-765-7500, extension 7511 so we can be aware of the change.

Vocational training in Quebec

Vocational training leads to a vocational studies diploma (DEP) and opens the doors to exciting professions. These are short courses ranging in duration from 600 to 1800 hours, which allow students to acquire skills that are in demand on the job market.

In addition, each program allows students to complete an internship in a company that is a first experience working in the field of training.

Most courses start in August and January but it is possible to start at other times during the year.

Admission requirements for vocational training

Stages of an application

Choose the vocational training program
Check the admission conditions
Send your registration, download the required documents, pay the session fees
Receive the letter of acceptance to your email address
Get your Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)
Apply for your Canada Study Permit and Co-op Work Permit
Prepare your arrival in Montreal (plane ticket, accommodation, etc.)
Give your arrival date to the Admissions Officer
Get an appointment with the admissions officer to finalize your file
Pay the session fees and the first tuition fee

Level of study required

  • Québec Education System: 4e successful high school year
  • Equivalent for the French education system: Second successful year
  • Other education systems: 10 successful years of schooling

To demonstrate your education, you must provide ONE of the following documents:

  • Diplomas and transcripts of your studies, in original language and translation done by a recognized translator (documents translated by an interpreter will be refused).


Language requirements

  • Applicants who have not studied in French must:
    • Have successfully completed level 5 of the francization program offered in an adult education center of a school board in Quebec


    • Get a minimum score of B1 in an official French test (TCF, TFI, TEF, DELF or TEFAQ)

From July 1, 2018, all candidates who have followed French courses in a private school in Quebec must meet one of these two requirements.

Notes Applicants with post-graduate studies (university) in French are not subject to this requirement.

Candidates who do not meet the language requirements may have a francization program in advance of their professional training, offered at one of the four adult education centers of the CSMB. Register in Francization.

Fees to pay

Tuition fees

The costs posted on the site for each program are the tuition fees, payable in three installments. The first payment will be required at the beginning of the training. Other payments will be due during 2 and 3 sessions.

A payment schedule will be provided.

Due to a France-Quebec agreement, French students are exempt from tuition fees.

Additional services

Additional service fees are $ 40 per training. The payment of 40 $ is required at the time of your registration on the site (non-refundable).

Material costs

Hardware costs vary by program. These are mainly books, tools, clothes that you will have to buy according to the requirements of the training. These fees vary between 250 $ and 800 $ and are payable as the training progresses. A list will be provided on the first day of class.

Processing your request

You must submit your admission application 6 months before the start of the chosen course *. It is necessary to consider the delays of treatment of your file by our organization as well as those of the immigration authorities.

You will have to demonstrate 6 weeks before the start of the training that you have all the required documents.

* Unless you already have a CAQ, a study permit or if you hold a French passport.