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Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP)

This training is offered at CFP Leonardo da Vinci (Thimens building)
Get to the Thimens building  and see a video presentation

The graduate in locksmith sees to the analysis of the needs of the customers, the installation, the maintenance, the correction, the unlocking, the replacement and the repair of locking devices of buildings, safes, vaults, safety boxes, motor vehicles, furnishings or others. These devices can be mechanical, electrical or electronic.

Students in Locksmiths want a stable and well-paid job. Our program offers many on-the-job training courses and adequately trains locksmiths who are equipped to perform multiple tasks, who have excellent knowledge of all locking devices and can plan and manage all locking systems for real estate parks, especially during construction.

Our graduates work for large locksmith companies that have customers for banks, car dealerships and more.

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