Health, assistance and nursing SASI

38 608 $

Amount to pay now: 200 $ CAN: (fees for Additional Services)
** 1st payment of tuition fees: from now, up to one week before the start of lessons.

Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP)

This training is offered at CFP of Health Professions
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Graduates in Health, assistance and nursing want a dynamic professional life. They care about people's health and love teamwork. Our program trains professional auxiliary nurses who will be quickly recruited by private or public health establishments, agencies, residential and long-term care centers, etc. This profession is governed by the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers auxiliaires du Québec ( OIIAQ :

Special educational requirement: the candidate must have a diploma equivalent to the diploma of secondary studies (DES) in Quebec, i.e. 11 years of schooling AND have obtained this diploma in French or in English, the language of instruction. If the secondary studies were not carried out in one of these two languages, the candidate cannot be admitted.

Anyone who has a university degree of at least 3 years may be admitted to this training, regardless of the language of instruction in their studies. The candidate must still demonstrate mastery of the French language (level 6 of francization in Quebec or international French test of level B2 on the 4 skills).

Duration of training: about 15 months including 22 weeks of internship (1 800 hours)

Complete program sheet (PDF)