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Amount to pay now: 200 $ CAN: (fees for Additional Services)
** 1st payment of tuition fees: from now, up to one week before the start of lessons.

Diploma of Vocational Studies (DEP)

This training is offered at  Verdun Vocational Training Center (Rhéaume building)
Go to  CFP de Verdun, (Rhéaume Building)

Graduates in Hairdressing have an innate sense of aesthetics, are creative and love to work with audiences. On the lookout for new trends and techniques, our teachers train, in real-life situations, competent professionals capable of performing many tasks.

Learning the hairdresser's or hairdresser's job with the CSMB is investing in the future, but it is also learning the job in a practical way in a stimulating environment, by experimenting and practicing with customers for more than 50 % time.

Our graduates work on their own, are recruited by hair salons or work for film, fashion, etc.

Duration: About 14 months including 3 weeks in internship (1 455 hours)

Complete program sheet (PDF)


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